Curriculum Vitae

Exhibitions, assignements, projects – Teaching – Engagement and publications


This chronological overview is divided into 3 blocks:

  • Exhibitions, assignments, projects
  • Teaching
  • Engagement and publications


Participant in the exhibition of the Quasi Realists at gallery Autrevue, Heerenveen, Netherlands
Participant in “Among all Essence” – China-The Netherlands-Japan at the Museum Maison Mami, Higashino, Japan
Participant in the exhibition “Tenerife” at Museum Van Loon, Assen, Netherlands

Participant in the exhibition of the Quasi Realists at Museum Van Loon, Assen, Netherlands
Participant of the exhibition “ArtQuake” Tan Evi Galerisi, Istanbul, Turkey
Participant in “Among all Essence” – China-The Netherlands-Japan at the Shanghai Jiushi Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Participant of the exhibition “ArtQuake” Nigde Belediyesi Sanat Galerisi, Nigde, Turkey
Participant in the exhibition of the QuasiRealists in the Museum of False Art, Vledder, the Netherlands

Participant in the art exhibition “ArtQuake” Nigde Belediyesi Sanat Galerisi, Nigde. Turkey
Participant in the ‘International Sister Cities Painting Exhibition’, Xi’an China.
Participant at the exhibition “Sensuality” in the Global Art Gallery, Tongeren, Belgium
Participant in the QuasiRealists exhibition at Museum City Appingedam, The Netherlands.

Participant in the art exhibition “Memories of Flight” Christchurch, New Zealand
Participant in the art exhibition Forma Aktua, Groningen, The Netherlands
Participant in the open studio art exhibition Koningsveldestraat Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Participant in the QuasiRealists exhibition at Museum Van Loon, Assen, The Netherlands.

Participant in the ‘2020 Hands Across the Pacific Art Exhibition’ Beijing, China.
Participant in the exhibition of the QuasiRealists in kasteel Groeneveld, Baarn.

Participant in the ‘6th Silk Road International Art Exhibition’ Shaanxi Province Museum, Xi’an, China.
Participant in the special exhibition of “Dutch Artists” in the ‘Infinity Contemporary Art Museum’ in Xi’an  and the  ‘Museum of Art’ in Qingdao, China.
Participant in the exhibition of the QuasiRealists in DSG Gallery, Assen.

Participant in the ‘5th Silk Road International Art Exhibition’ Shaanxi Province Museum, Xi’an, China.
Participant in the exhibition of the QuasiRealists in Pictura in Groningen.
Participant in the exhibition ‘Classical Art’ in ‘The Frisian Gallery’, Zaailand, Leeuwarden.  

Participant in the QuasiRealist exhibition at the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center, Den Bosch.
Exhibition in museum Thijnhof, Coevorden
Participant in the exhibition of the association AKKA in Pictura, Groningen.
Participant in the exhibition of the QuasiRealists in museum Thijnhof, Coevorden.

Participant in the exhibition of the association AKKA in de Fabriek, CBK Emmen
Participant in the manifestation ‘the Classical Salon’: exhibitions in Museums Vledder and Ikonenmuseum Kampen.
Participant in the exhibition of the QuasiRealists in BAS10, Sneek; in Pulchri Studio, The Hague.

Participant in the exhibition of the Quasi-realists in gallery/sculpture garden ‘Sculptures in Gees’.
Participant in the presentation of the Classical Academy in the ‘Salon vanBeresteyn’ in the culture and congress centre ofBeresteyn in Veendam.
Participant in the exhibition of the Quasirealists in art centre K 38 in Roden.
Starts the series ‘The lust of Zeus’.

Participant in the exhibition of the Quasi-realists in the Secretarie in Meppel.

Overview exhibition in Pictura in Groningen. The opening is also the world premiere of the virtual ‘Tom S. Hageman museum’.
Member of the artists group QuasiRealists; participant in the (first) exhibition of the QuasiRealists in Kunstlievend genootschap Pictura in Groningen.

Initiator/participant in the manifestation ‘the Renaissance in the north’: exhibitions in museum Stad Appingedam, Natuurmuseum Fryslân, Leeuwarden; Museum Martena, Franeker; Museum Willem van Haren, Heerenveen; Graphic tasting room, Orvelte.
Participant in the final exam exhibition in Museum de Buitenplaats in Eelde (teachers + students).

Exhibition of teachers and students of the Classical Academy in Pictura, Groningen.

Initiator/participant in the manifestation ‘Classic in Romantic’ with exhibitions in the following galleries: Pictura Groningen (overview); Galerie Wiek XX, Nieuweschans: The Power of Nature; Galerie Goutum, Goutum: Religion, Myth and Ecstasy; Galerie Van Strien, Nieuw-Amsterdam: The Power of History; Galerie Wildevuur, Hooghalen: Het Rijk der Verbeelding en Alisting; Galerie ZoFier, Nieuweschoot: Darkness and Death (the Night); Galerie Doornik&Schelfhout, Groningen: Imagined stories, poems and music

Initiator/participant in the manifestation ‘The Amazement of the North’ with about 50 northern figuratives in the ‘old’ Groninger museum (former Nature Museum).
Starts the series ‘the seven deadly sins’.

Initiator/participant in the manifestation ‘Klassiek op 10’ with exhibitions in the following galleries: de Vis (Harlingen); Office der Franeker Courante Kunsten (Franeker); ZoFier (Heerenveen); de Kuiperij (Veenklooster); Mebius (Noordhorn); Buitenlust (Hoogezand) on mimesis, arrangement & imagination; Wiek XX (Nieuweschans); Wildevuur (Hooghalen); Kamps (Rolde) and Harms (Rolde)
Exhibition in gallery Kamps (Rolde) with Geurt Busser.

Exhibition of teachers of the Classical Academy in the Remonstrant church in Groningen

Commission painting ‘Musiciennes’ for Mechoui, Groningen
Opening manifestation Classic Academy of Painting
Exhibitions Gasunie – Groningen;
Gallery ‘The Reading Library’ – Zutphen

Exhibitions Freilicht Museum – Cloppenburg, BRD
CBK – Groningen.
Gallery Delfi Form – Zwolle
Galerie Afterdaan – Elim/Hoogeveen
Starts series ‘the five senses

Artist in Resience in Callosa d’en Sarria (Fundacion Cultural ‘Knecht-Drenth’) Origin of ‘The great panorama of Callosa d’en Sarria’.
Exhibitions: Groeneveld – Almelo gallery.
Portrait assignment ‘Monique’.

Exhibitions: in art circuit ‘Kunst in Kerken’ in the NH church in Wirdum

Exhibitions: travelling exhibition along various branches of ‘Staalbankiers’ in Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Breda, The Hague, Haarlem, Hilversum, Rotterdam.

Commissioned diptych ‘St. Joris en de Draak’ (2 paintings 200 x 160) for Staalbankiers, The Hague.
Exhibitions: gallery de Munnik, Groningen;
Avero, Leeuwarden (retrospective exhibition).

Exhibitions: CBK Groningen (self-portraits);
Kunsthal Rotterdam (group exhibition);
MSF Groningen (with Xandra Donders);
gallery de Pol, Pannerden.

1998 – ’99:
Exhibitions: Groeneveld Gallery, Almelo;
Ethnographic museum Gerardus vd Leeuw, Groningen (Manuscripts).

Exhibitions: gallery de Reiger, Wijk bij Duurstede.

Work accommodation in the Centre for Graphics ‘Frans Masereel’, Kasterlee, Belgium.
Exhibitions. CBK Groningen (Kaleidoscope, choice of Diederik Kraaijpoel),
SBK Friesland, Leeuwarden;

Exhibitions: ‘the Turfkelder’ (town hall Schoonhoven).

Exhibitions: Harmonie building (University of Groningen);
Groeneveld gallery, Apeldoorn.

Exhibitions: gallery Kadans, The Hague (impressions of Prague).
The typescript of ‘the description of the Freestate Rottum’ is awarded in a (national) competition for the 400th anniversary of the province of Groningen.
Subject: the future of Groningen.
Exhibition of the ideas of the prize winners in the Aa-kerk in Groningen.

Start of new series of oil paintings; subject: ‘the imaginary city of Prague’.

Draws comic strips ‘the battle around Mont Parnas’ and ‘the Ratskings’.

Assignments St.WWK with regard to painting ‘WWK-panden’ and New Year’s print.

Writes the body text of the (first) book ‘the description of the Freestate Rottum’, makes drawings for the next book.

Der Zauberflöte Zweiter Teil’; comic strip after an unfinished libretto by J.W. von Goethe, made as visual support for a musical theatre production (publisher music newsreel Entr’acte, Amsterdam).
Exhibitions of the originals in Vredenburg Utrecht; Dr. Anton Philipszaal, The Hague.
Cooperation project Academy v Architecture-Academy Minerva: ‘Winkler Prinsstraat’ (request of the municipality of Veendam).

Cooperation project Academie v Bouwkunst-Academie Minerva: ‘Cleveringaplein’ (request by the municipality of Appingedam).

First series of drawings for the book ‘the description of the Freestate Rottum’.

Illustrations for the pamphlet ‘De Frankenstein-constructie’ (author D.Kraaijpoel, publisher of Minerva Academy) about the resistance against a merger of the academy with other H.B.O.-institutions into the Rijkshogeschool Groningen.

Series of gouaches ‘Rocking kimonos

Cooperation project Academy v Architecture-Academy Minerva: subject “new Conservatory”.

After a working visit to Cappadocia, Turkey, he creates a series of ‘erotic landscapes’ (etching and oil painting).

Silkscreen for ‘Liberation manifestation’ Groningen (exhibitions including the Groninger museum and various provincial capitals).
Design logo for Foundation ‘Monument & Material’ and for Foundation ‘WWK’.

Designed house style and posters for the Ethnographic Museum ‘Gerardus vd Leeuw’ in Groningen.

Exhibition of the series ‘Manuscripts’ in Cultural centre d’Oosterpoort, Groningen; catalogue issued.

Various illustrations for the magazine ‘Muziek & Dans’ (Amsterdam); among others comic strip ‘De Muze Gaardenix’.
Designs vignette for St. Eemsmond

Editor BBK-krant Groningen: articles and comic strips: ‘Vorst Onderbroek & de Heilige Oorlog’ and ‘Hopman Haks’.

Creates a series of ‘Manuscripts’ for the Groningen Public Library (25 gouaches, related to various classical Eurasian styles in book illumination).

Various illustrations BBK newspaper.

Research project ‘Archus’, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture (a research into alternative design methods in the interface between architecture and visual art, together with Jan Kuipers).

Release of album ‘The Revelation of John’ (publisher: Holmsterland, Groningen).

Various exhibitions, mainly in the Northern Netherlands, also in the Groninger Museum, SOK-Rotterdam, Haneburg-Leer (BRD); as well as a participant in a national travelling exhibition about comic strip artists of the ‘Nederlandse Kunst Stichting’ NKS Amsterdam.

Exhibition of ‘The Revelation of John’ in Bursa, Turkey.
Publication of the comic strip ‘Spillebuik’ (publisher: St. Kreatie-F, Groningen).

Lives and works as a free artist in Güzelyali, Çanakkale, Turkey. Travels by car via Iran and Afghanistan to Lahore (Pakistan) and back.

Series of 12 drawings ‘Gilgamesj-epos’ exhibition of it in Wijster;
illustrations in magazine ‘Bijster’ (Bezige Bij, Amsterdam), Nieuwsblad vh Noorden (Groningen).

Various etchings, drawings, gouaches and paintings.
Production of a comic strip (‘Spillebuik’, 92 pages) and an album (‘Revelation of John’, 30 drawings, also broadcast by KRO-tv);
Commissions from KRO and Leeuwarder Courant (New Year cards);
Illustrations Ra-Ra-Radenschool (author D.Kraaijpoel, publisher St. Kreatie-F, Groningen).

Draws comic strip ‘Superzwier’ (issue of Academie Minerva); as well as drawings for the Frisian literary magazine ‘A-Wyt’.
Graduates in 1968 (exhibition Groninger Museum).

Studied at the academy of visual arts, ‘Academie Minerva’ in Groningen (Department of Free Art).
Member of the movements Beeg 62 (Leeuwarden) and Gorb (Groningen), exhibitions a.o. in Beeg, Gorb and farm Leeuwenborg.



Founder of the online art course ‘classical ART college’

Appointment as guest lecturer at the Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology.

Teacher anatomy/model drawing (primary school) and model painting (third year vocational school) Classical Academy of Fine Arts

2013 -2018
Teacher anatomy/model drawing (Master’s degree) Classical Academy of Sculpture,

2010 – 2018
General coordinator and education coordinator of the Classical Academy of Fine Arts (painting and sculpture), branches Akerkhof 43-c (painting) and Paradijsvogelstraat 16 (sculpture, graphics).

Initiator and founder of the Classical Evening School, Groningen.

Initiator and founder of the Classical Academy of Sculpture, Groningen.

Teacher anatomy/model drawing (primary school) and plastic arts & perspective (first year) at the Classical Academy of Painting.

2005 – 2018
General coordinator and director of education and painting.

Initiator and founder of the Classical Academy, Groningen.

Guest consultant at the Academy of Architecture, Groningen.
Lecturer at the Volksuniversiteit Veendam.

Guest lectureships at the Minerva Academy, Groningen.

Works in the spring of ’93 as a guest professor at the Vitvarnich Umeni Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (with students of Vladimir Kokolia).
Termination of employment (voluntary redundancy) at the Minerva Academy.

(January and first school semester, Sept.-Dec.). Exchange with Academy Vitvarnich Umeni (AVU) in Prague, Czech Republic; in particular exchange of knowledge and ideas, through notes, discussions and work discussions.

Reorganizes the evening course Minerva.

Writes preliminary proposal ‘Art & Fact’ (with regard to possible synthesis of 2nd phase courses in visual arts and an R&D centre in Groningen).

Coordinator of the second Post-academic course ‘Art in Commission’ (Minerva / S-Pko / WVC; the concept was adopted the following year by the Royal Academy, Den Bosch).

Lecturer in figure study/anatomy and professor/coordinator of part-time courses at the Minerva Academy

Initiator & coordinator of the Post-academic course ‘Art in Commission’ (Minerva / S-Pko / WVC)

Interim exhibition coordinator at Minerva Academy.

Coordinator of the opening event on the new building of the Minerva Academy’ (a large number of lectures, theatre performances, symposia, exhibitions + a royal opening).

Initiator / coordinator of an in-school course commissioned art, Minerva Academy.

Coordinator sculpture department, evening school, Minerva Academy; teacher of figure study.

Lecturer at the Minerva Academy Groningen (including figure drawing, anatomy, painting).

Reorganiser and coordinator Creative Pedagogical Didactic Training, Groningen

Teacher visual arts on a high school (MAVO) in Leeuwarden.

Group leader ‘Creative work’, Special Youth Work in a boarding school in Hollandse Rading (difficult to educate, weakly gifted boys from 8 to 16 years old).
Teacher ‘Technical sketching’ at the 2nd Technical School, Westerstraat, in Amsterdam.


Author of the ‘Manifesto for studio facilities for artists in Groningen’
Curator for a traveling exhibition of 6 Dutch artists through China and Mongolia.
Organizer of the ceiling painting in the Van Loon Museum in Assen, the Netherlands

Organiser and curator of an exhibition exchange between China and the Netherlands. “The Lotus and the Dragon, Artists from Shaanxi in the Netherlands” in which 27 Chinese artists exhibited the ‘Museum Jan van Loon’, Assen and in the ‘100 Flowers Pavilion’, Hortus Haren.
Jury member “Masters of Realism”
Author “The Many Faces of East and West”, a comparative art history of Europe and China.

Initiator with overviews of visual artists and institutions throughout the Netherlands
Author of policy proposal “Art Village”
Initiator and author of investigation/publication “Survey of studio’s in the Nethelands”
Member of the board Foundation Museum Jan van Loon in Assen, Netherlands.

Takes action for BBK (together with Kunstenbond and BOK) to maintain studios in Groningen.
Author of, among other things, the policy proposal “Platform policy”.

Initiator/editor of the global database with around 3000 skillbased artists in 204 countries and region.

Organiser and curator of an exchange of exhibitions between China and the Netherlands. ‘The Dutch Silk Road Art Exhibition’ with 9 Chinese artists is shown in Frisian Gallery and WTC-Leeuwarden, St Nicholas Church in Kampen and Pulchri Studio in The Hague.
Curator of an exhibition of 11 Dutch artists, presented in 2 musea during the 6th Silk Road International Arts Festival in Xi’an and after that in a museum in Qingdao, China.
Organiser of visiting programs of 2 Chinese delegations (Yi-Space Ltd and representants of Chinese artists exhibiting in the Netherlands)
Participant in ‘The Representational Art Conference 2019’, Ventura, California, USA and the conference ‘Figure This’, London, UK.
Consults with the ‘Ecole Superieur des Arts Visuelles’ in Marrakech, Morocco; with the ‘Moscow State Academy of Art, named Surikov’ and ‘the Moscow State Art Lyceum’ in Moscow Russia.
Publisher of ‘Memorandum China’,  ‘Memorandum Russia’ and resumes of the foundations Classical Salon 2018/2019 and ILFAS 2018/2019.

Founder of the Classical Art Center Foundation.
Founder of the ILFAS Foundation International League of Fine Art Schools
Curator exhibition ‘Classical Art’ in the ‘Frisian gallery’ Zaailand Leeuwarden, Netherlands.
Panelist in ‘The Representational Art Conference 2018’ WCT Leeuwarden, Netherlands..
Panelist in the annual election ‘Artist of the year’ in the Netherlands.

Founder/director of the ‘De Klassieke Salon’ Foundation
Initiator/co-organiser of “The Representational Art Conference TRAC2018” in Leeuwarden, European Capital of Culture.
Writes the papers “Contemporary Academism”, “Art & Duality”, “Art & Society”, “Art & development”. Art & diversity, Art & research”, “Art & boundaries”, and “Art & resurrection” to underpin the discussions in TRAC2018.

Chairman of the Board of the ‘Classical Academy of Fine Arts’ Foundation

Panelist at ‘The Representational Art Conference’ TRAC2015, in Ventura, California, USA

Publishes articles in de Volkskrant (opinion page)

Knighted in the ‘Royal Order of Oranje Nassau’ for special merits in the field of arts.

Formulates 30 theses on art and society on the occasion of the manifestation ‘the Renaissance in the North’.
Published in the accompanying Renaissance newspaper and catalogue.

Treasurer of the Board of the ‘Classical Academy of Sculpture’ Foundation

Treasurer of the board of the “Classical Academy” foundation

2006 -2008:
Member of the jury Jeanne Bieruma Oostingprijs (2008 chairman and curator of the exhibition of the prize winners at the Kranenburgh Museum in Bergen).

Is in consultation with Foundation Circuit regarding the exchange programme ‘Crossing borders’ with Ost-Friesland (BRD), within the framework of the cultural programmes EDR (EEms-Dollart-Regio).
Board member of the Van Royenlezing Foundation (Drenthe).

Designed the project ‘Art in Churches’ for the Circuit Foundation.

1998 – ’99:
Initiator of the ‘Circuit’ Foundation (Ideal art mediation)

Publishes articles in a.o. BBK-krant and Volkskrant (opinion page).

Writes ‘Atlas of visual art in the Nedtherlands’ (published by BBK-A’dam).

Writes note “Transaction policy” (issued by BBK A’dam, with regard to possible policy innovation in the central policy for the visual arts).

1991 -’96:
Prepares the annual ‘Artlending Top10’ for the BBK newspaper, with overviews of the results of the art lending companies in the Netherlands.

Member of the steering committee for the development of a ‘Multifunctional artistic centre Diever’, under the direction of Stichting Borckerhof Drenthe.

Discussion paper “Structure & adventure”, about the organization of (mainly) the decentralized art policy (study days in Haarlem, Deventer and Maastricht).
Writes for the Stichting Woon- en Werkruimten voor Kunstenaars, Groningen, the ‘WWK Memorandum’ (leads to an investment of 1.7 million by the municipality of Groningen in the file, linked to a transfer of 5 buildings to housing corporations. Because management and exploitation of the WWK coincided, the WWK decided – as of 31-12 -’92 to abolish).

Writes the memorandum “De kwaliteit van het beleid” (The quality of policy) after the WVC evaluation 1988; (issued by BBK, an analysis of the effects of the financial flows WVC).

Member of the Council of the Fund for Visual Art, Design & Architecture, Amsterdam.

Chairman of the art committee ‘new Conservatory building’.

Writes the notes “the Artist in Appelscha” (concerning regional financial flows) and ‘Income of visual artists’ (this is followed by the WVC evaluation in 1988 concerning the financial flows visual arts).

Independent advisor to the board of the Union of Visual Artists, BBK.

Chairman of the WWK Foundation.

Chairman of the art committee ‘New Academie Minerva’.

Member of the Advisory Committee on Art Assignments of the University of Groningen.

Board member of WWK Foundation;

Initiator / secretary of Stichting Woon-& Werkruimten voor Kunstenaars (WWK), Groningen (the WWK eventually realises and manages approximately 80 studios in 7 buildings in Groningen).

Interim Manager Documentation Centre for Visual Arts Groningen.
Editor BBK-krant Groningen, articles and comic strips.

Acting member of Vereniging v Artotheken, Utrecht.
Member of the Provincial Cultural Council, Groningen.

Member, Working Group Documentation Centre for Visual Arts, Groningen. Through the BBK, BKK is preparing the financing of a set-up for a documentation centre in Groningen (with funds from the Ministry of SoZa, aimed at art-content experiments around the BKR: the so-called ‘living lab BKR’).
Chairman of the Board of the Foundation of the artist-society ‘Baboen’ (continued elsewhere in a different form after ’77).

Writer of ‘Artotheek-nota’. (partly thanks to the lobby of the then parliamentary editor of the newspaper vh Noorden in The Hague, Kees Wiese, this led to an amendment of the budget of CRM. As a result, the ‘TRKU’ was a financing scheme that promoted the development of the Kunstuitleen on a national scale).

Member of the National Arts Council, Raad voor de Kunst, ‘s Gravenhage.

National chairman BBK, Amsterdam.

Member, Cabk Advisory Committee (BKR), Groningen.

National Secretary BBK, Amsterdam.

Regional chairman of the Union of Visual Artists (BBK), Groningen, member of the national board BBK in Amsterdam.

1966 -’68:
Is active in the establishment of the artists’ society ‘Baboen’ (Groningen).
Is spokesperson for the Frisian Provo movement ‘New Left’; leads demonstrations, gives lectures (for VPRO radio, among other things) and writes for the magazine ‘POR’.