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Netherlands, Veendam

June 10-September 30: participant in ‘Ode to the Peat-colonial woman’ Veenkoloniaal museum, Veendam, Netherlands.

Japan, Higashino

30 mei – 21 juli: participant in “A long awaited encounter” – China-The Netherlands-Japan in the Museum ‘Maison Mami’, Higashino, Japan.

The Netherlands Heerenveen

May 10- June 23: participant in the exhibition by the Quasi-realists in gallery Autrevue, Heerenveen.

The Netherlands, Assen

10 February-21 April: participant in exhibition Tenerife in pictures, together with Diederik Kraaijpoel, Geert de Weerd and Jan van Loon at Museum Van Loon, Assen, The Netherlands.


The Netherlands Assen

December 17 – January 28: participant in the exhibition ‘Winter Salon’ by the Quasi-realists in Museum Van Loon, Assen

Türkey   Istanbul

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September 16 > Participation in the exhibition ArtQuake Nigde in the Tan Evi Gallery, Istanbul, Türkey

Türkey  Niğde

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Participation in “PROTECT YOUR PLANET & PEACE – Water & Bread are enough for everyone” in the Niğde Art Gallery in Cappadocia – Türkiye

China Shanghai

May 30 – July 21: participant in Among all essence – China-The Netherlands-Japan at the Shanghai Jiushi Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Netherlands. Vledder

1 April – 25 June: participant in the ‘Quasi-realists’ exhibition at Museum False Art Vledder in commemoration of its 25th anniversary


Türkey  Niğde

September 24: participant in the exhibition “Art Quake 10″ Niğde, Turkey

Netherlands. Appingedam

September 17– januari 8: participant in the exhibition “Just Nude” by the Quasi-realists in ‘Museum City of Appingedam’, Netherlands.

Netherlands. Rotterdam

25-26 september: Great studio weekend in Rotterdam; building ‘SKAR’, Koningsveldestraat Rotterdam; exhibition with Zwaan Stoker, Frits Linnemann and Minli Gao

Belgium Tongeren

August 6-27: participant in the exhibition “Sensuality” at the Global Art Gallery, Maastrichterstraat 40, Tongeren, Belgium

China Xi’an

June 25>: Participant in the ‘International Sister Cities Painting Exhibition’ Xi’an China

Türkey  Niğde

May 21 – june 21: participant in the exhibition “Art Quake 9″ Niğde, Turkey

New Zealand. Christchurch

Black Horse Media, New Zealand, is organising a digital Christmas and New Year exhibition:


Netherlands. Assen

November 19 – December 26: participant in the exhibition of the Quasi-realists in ‘Museum Van Loon’, Oranjestraat 13 Assen, Netherlands

Netherlands. Rotterdam

25-26 september: Great studio weekend in Rotterdam; building ‘SKAR’, Koningsveldestraat Rotterdam; exhibition with Zwaan Stoker and Frits Linnemann

Netherlands. Groningen

August 29-September 26: exhibition in ‘Forma Aktua’ gallery, Groningen, Netherlands, with Buddy Hermans and Bauke Terpstra.

New Zealand. Christchurch

August 13th-15th: An international art event in Christchurch, New Zealand, by Black Horse Media. Talented artists are invited to our exhibition: “Memories of Flight,”