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Chinese Chickens I & II

The multiplicity of cultures in the world, the diversity in languages of forms while at the same time the kinship in goals and meanings is a ceaseless source of inspiration.



Oude Boteringestraat, Groningen


Celtic romance – Kupka’s Cenotaph


Stefan – Roman – Sander




Plein air

By Covid19 own backyard becomes the destination




An old and unfinished project, “the description of the Free State of Rottum” is picked up again.

The Colossus of Rottum – The Organ Bay

Many ‘inventions’ described 30 years ago have since become reality, from smartphones to self-driving cars. And social issues like energy extraction and industrial urbanism are now urgent.

Traffic in Rottum



classical ART college

Initiates an online art college with 4 courses of 25 lessons each, interweaving theory with practical exercises, complemented by an online reflection after every 5 lessons. This project has now ended.

The offerings were as follows:

Composition and expression

An overview of compositional fundamentals, followed by three different methods: geometric, dynamic and musical. Coupled with different approaches to expression and combined with a learning of painting techniques.

“Spatial Illusion”

On the plastic suggestion of space followed by depth effects in optical, atmospheric and geometric perspective respectively, ending with various applications. Along with techniques in materials from pastels to oils.

“The anatomical figure”

How the human body is constructed and the anatomy of the portrait. Torso and limbs are covered, as well as the differences between men and women and the history of the beauty ideal. Supplemented by a course on drawing technique

“Art of the World”

Begins in the ancient Stone Age. Describes the emergence of written cultures in Eurasia and classical culture in Europe. Continues with the art and culture of the rest of the world.




An umbrella organisation “Classical Art Center”, coordinates the activities of the member organisations: The Classical Salon, ILFAS. classical ART college, Chain, and others.

For the Classical Art Center, a global artist database is being built with works by thousands of “skillbased” artists from all countries of the world.


After Covid restrictions, international contacts are reactivated.
On the occasion of the 100th Friendship Treaty, Shaanxi Province, China is setting up a special museum. ILFAS is organising contributions from Groningen and Drenthe.

And exhibitions follow in Nigde, Turkey; Christchurch, New Zealand; Tongeren, Belgium;

Shanghai and Xi’an, China;

Studio buildings in Groningen should be repurposed. On behalf of the BBK, in cooperation with other artists’ unions, a lobby and all kinds of consultations are set up. It leads to a proposal for a ‘bottom-up’ policy structure for the visual arts: “Set-up Platform Policy”.

Underpins a new, national database with overviews of art production, art presentation and art education.





Book ‘De QuasiRealisten’ about the members and their work of the artists’ group of the same name

Publication of several policy letters, essays and opinion pieces for and on behalf of the Professional Association of Visual Artists – Professional Organisation of Artists – Artists’ Union – Platform Visual Arts on studio facilities and art policy










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Forma Aktua.

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