The anatomy lesson -/- Erotic landscapes

In the early 1980s, I wanted to return to Europe, to my ‘own’ painting tradition of ‘sideway light captured in oil paint’.
But while painting the series ‘Erotic Landscapes’, the question arose: how do I combine the old with modern painting?

And how do you connect east with west in this way

Self portrait as Lord Shiva -/- Self portrait as Soup Turtle

Without losing my identity?

Rockin’ Kimono’s

Old’ painting is the illusion of a three-dimensional ‘reality’ on a flat surface.
Modern’ art is the autonomy of form and colour.

In the series ‘Rockin’ Kimono’s’, I connected the ‘classical illusion’ with autonomous applications.
The two-dimensional with the three-dimensional


In the Zodiac series (for a birthday calendar) I did the same, but with an emphasis on illusion.





Armadillo was set up as a sheet for a score by the composer Sytze Smit and was later transformed into a graphic novel with the Gilgamesh epic as a narrative counterpoint.


I make a screen print for the Liberation Manifestation Groningen (exhibitions a.o. Groninger museum and several provincial capitals) and design the logo for the foundations ‘Monument & Material’ and ‘WWK’.

The Frankenstein-construction

I illustrate the pamphlet ‘The Frankenstein Construction’ (author D.Kraaijpoel, publisher Academy Minerva) that opposes a merger of the academy with other H.B.O. institutions to form the Rijkshogeschool Groningen.


Plein air


I travel through Europe, Turkey and Egypt,

But the most inspiring place was Rodellar in the Pyrenees.




In 1984, he coordinated the opening event of the new Minerva Academy with a large number of lectures, theatre performances, symposia, exhibitions and a royal opening.

New building Minerva Academy

Initiates in- and extracurricular (post-academic) courses Art in Commission, Minerva Academy, partly in cooperation with the Academy of Architecture.
Becomes coordinator of all part-time courses in 1986.




He is an advisor to the BBK (chairman Frits Linnemann) and a member of the Council of the Netherlands Fund for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.
He is also a member of the art advisory committee artcommissions for the University of Groningen, and chairman of the art advisory committees for the new Minerva Academy and the new Conservatoire.

He is a member of the board and since 1986 chairman (and unpaid director) of the WWK Foundation, and manages about 80 studios in 7 buildings.




Writes for the BBK the memoranda ” the artist in Appelscha” (concerning regional money flows) and “income position visual artists” (this is followed by the WVC-evaluation in 1988 concerning the money flows visual arts); “The quality of the policy” following the WVC-evaluation 1988; (edited by BBK, analysis of the effects of the WVC money flows) and the discussion memorandum “Structure & adventure”, about the organization of (mainly) decentralized visual arts policy (this led to study days in Haarlem, Deventer and Maastricht).




Click here to open PDF: Astrological Birthday calendar

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