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In the early 1980s, I wanted to return to Europe, to my ‘own’ painting tradition of ‘sideway light captured in oil paint’.
But while painting the series ‘Erotic Landscapes’, the question arose: how do I combine the old with modern painting?



Pelsterstraat, Groningen

The anatomy lesson -/- Erotic landscapes

Faces of Asia

How to connect east with west

Without losing identity?


Self portrait as Lord Shiva -/- Self portrait as Soup Turtle


Rockin’ Kimono’s


Old’ painting is the illusion of a three-dimensional ‘reality’ on a flat surface.
Modern’ art is the autonomy of form and colour.

In the series ‘Rockin’ Kimono’s’, I connected the ‘classical illusion’ with autonomous applications.
The two-dimensional with the three-dimensional





Armadillo was set up as a sheet for a score by the composer Sytze Smit and was later transformed into a graphic novel with the Gilgamesh epic as a narrative counterpoint.



I make a screen print for the Liberation Manifestation Groningen (exhibitions a.o. Groninger museum and several provincial capitals) and design the logo for the foundations ‘Monument & Material’ and ‘WWK’.

The Frankenstein-construction

I illustrate the pamphlet ‘The Frankenstein Construction’ (author D.Kraaijpoel, publisher Academy Minerva) that opposes a merger of the academy with other H.B.O. institutions to form the Rijkshogeschool Groningen.


Plein air


I travel through Europe, Turkey and Egypt,

But the most inspiring place was Rodellar in the Pyrenees.



the description of the Free State of Rottum


Islands and structure of Rottum

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, I worked on the architecture of the future: the description of the Free State of Rottum, designing five different schools of architecture within an industrial building style.

The Post-antique School: The Central Bath

To make it accessible, I write a connecting story.

The Hard School: the Great Market

In it, I have the Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta, after the apocalyptic ‘Great Trouble’, embark on an adventurous exploration tour to the unknown shores of the North Sea.

The Free School: The Dom and Hermeten Park

When he landed in Rottum, he met a failed architect, Adolf Loose, who made acidic comments on the local architecture.

The Golden School: The Town Hall

Meanwhile, Ibn Battuta encounters nothing but trouble in a foreign culture, where hospitality does not count, where everything revolves around interests and where football supporters are not afraid of violence.

Antarchis: the Assistance

But thanks to his enterprising Harem and with the support of an obscure Islamic society, the Karakoyun, he manages to pull through.




In 1984, he coordinated the opening event of the new Minerva Academy with a large number of lectures, theatre performances, symposia, exhibitions and a royal opening.

New building Minerva Academy

Initiates in- and extracurricular (post-academic) courses Art in Commission, Minerva Academy, partly in cooperation with the Academy of Architecture.
Becomes coordinator of all part-time courses in 1986.




He is an advisor to the BBK (chairman Frits Linnemann) and a member of the Council of the Netherlands Fund for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.
He is also a member of the art advisory committee artcommissions for the University of Groningen, and chairman of the art advisory committees for the new Minerva Academy and the new Conservatoire.

He is a member of the board and since 1986 chairman (and unpaid director) of the WWK Foundation, and manages about 80 studios in 7 buildings.




Writes for the BBK the memoranda ” the artist in Appelscha” (concerning regional money flows) and “income position visual artists” (this is followed by the ministry of Culture – evaluation in 1988 concerning “The money flux visual arts); “The quality of the policy” following the ministry of Culture-evaluation 1988; (edited by BBK, analysis of the effects of the WVC money fluxes) and the discussion memorandum “Structure & adventure”, about the organization of (mainly) decentralized visual arts policy (this led to study days in Haarlem, Deventer and Maastricht).




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