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Travels hitchhiking through Europe from Helsinki to Barcelona from Glasgow to Prague. From 1965 hitchhike mainly through Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Turkey and get acquainted with diverse cultures and landscapes along the way. In between, leads an adventurous life at art school and beyond.



1961-’63 / ’65-’68 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Academy Minerva in Groningen (dept. of fine art)



Draws comic strip ‘Superzwier’ (published by Academie Minerva) and drawings for the Frisian literary magazine ‘A-Wyt’.


The art history of the future

May 1968: Completed the theoretical part of the study with a thesis on ‘The art of the 21st century’.

The thesis boiled down to the fact that ‘modern art’ could not continue to oppose the ancestral ‘classical’ tradition like an adolescent forever, and that sooner or later a synthesis had to be sought.

The thesis then described what art might look like in about 50 years’ time.




‘t Vinkhuys 1968-’70



In the ‘Revelations of John’ or Apocalypse series, that synthesis was sought by combining classical skills with contemporary insights.

A presentation of the ‘Revelation of John’ was broadcast by KRO television in 1969

Commissions included New Year cards for KRO and Leeuwarder Courant; illustrations for the magazines 3 x Bellen and Bijster.







Draws the underground comic strip “Spillebuik”


Plein air

On the road

On my wanderings through Europe I make dozens of drawings along the way

Before and behind the iron curtain…




1964-’65  Work as ‘group leader handicraft’, special youth work in the boarding school for difficult to educate, weakly gifted boys from 6 to 16 years in Hollandse Rading.

Then, 1965, teacher of ‘Technical Sketching’ at the 2nd Technical School, Westerstraat, Amsterdam.

1968-’69, Drawing teacher, MULO/MAVO, Leeuwarden





1962 Is co-founder (together with Sikke Doele) of the artist centre ‘Beeg 62’ in Leeuwarden.

It was a hotspot of modern jazz, experimental theatre, philosophy of existence, readings of its own poetry, exchange of new literature and an exhibition hall.  And also of sultry parties …

New Left

From 1966 spokesperson for the Frisian “Provo” movement “New Left”; led demonstrations, gave lectures, speeches and interviews and wrote for the magazine “POR”.

And regularly gets into conflict with the police chief, strict believers and other, mostly older, conservatives.




1971: Publication of the comic strip ‘Spillebuik’ (publisher: St. Kreatie-F, Groningen).
1972: Publication of the album ‘The Revelation of John’ (publisher: Holmsterland, Groningen).




Click here to open PDF: ‘The Revelation of John’ 

Click here to open PDF: a chapter of  Spillebuik




Video: Long Hair in Leeuwarden