Fusion Art

“The style of Tom Hageman is filled with paradoxes. It is mathematical yet organic, spacious yet flat, monumental and extravagant. All these seeming contradictions merge into a highly personal and magical style in which elements of nature and culture complement one another to form a playful unity.”

 “As a true scientist of life Hageman is intrigued by the laws of nature, deciphering and depicting them in his work in fine detail, thereby showing that these patterns have universal values.” (Liesbeth Grotenhuis, art historian)

Course of life 1960-present

Tom S. Hageman follows several careers in one.


As an artist, since 1968 he has sought the fusion of past and present, of European and Asian stylistic forms; of tradition with idiosyncrasy


Since 1976, he has been a teacher at various art academies, seeking the integration of classical skills with contemporary insights


As a director, since 1972 he has dedicated himself to the development of an infrastructure for the visual arts and intensified public engagement.


As a publicist, since 1968 he created comic strips in albums and periodicals, wrote dozens of policy papers, published opinion pieces and wrote essays on visual art and art history.

This website provides a chronological overview of all these activities, supplemented by publications and videos