Chinese chickens


After 25 years, I decide to take up the description of the Free State of Rottum again.
After all, it is a nice project …

Island ‘t Rif and the 13 Stones Square

The island of Gog and its Living mountains

The Island of Magog and the Winter Circus

Plein air

Due to Covid 19, travel is not possible in 2020 and ’21.


I am setting up an online art academy: ‘classical ART college’, with 4 courses, each with 25 lessons with theory and practical assignments, each time followed after 5 lessons by an online reflective: www.classicalartcollege.com The plan also includes a periodic international practicum, possibly connected with a conference.
The courses are as follows:

Composition en Expression

The Composing course starts with an overview of the basic principles followed by three different methods: the geometric, the dynamic and the musical. It concludes with various approaches to expression.
This course is linked to a course in painting techniques.

Spatial Illusion

The Spatial Illusion course starts with the plastic suggestion of space and continues with respectively optical, atmospheric and geometric perspective, concluding with various applications.
At the same time, there is a programme of layered techniques with various materials, from pastel to oil paint.

The anatomical figure

The Anatomy course first explains how humans are put together and continues with the anatomy of the portrait. It then goes on to examine the torso and limbs and concludes with the differences between men and women and the history of the ideal of beauty.
In addition, a course in drawing techniques is offered.

The Art of the World

The course in Art History starts with the origins of the Stone Age. It continues with the rise of high culture in Eurasia and then looks at classical culture in Europe. After that, the art and culture of Islam, South and East Asia and, finally, the rest of the world are examined more closely.
This programme seeks dialogue, with the aim of developing independent thinking about art and culture.


An umbrella foundation ‘Classical Art Center’ bundles the activities of the member organisations: The Classical Salon, ILFAS. classical ART college, Chain, and others.

For the Classical Art Center I am building a global database with thousands of artists from all over the world: www.artistdatabase.org

An exchange project with four artists to China ‘Hands across the Pacific’ is thwarted by Covid 19 and limited to an online manifestation.


At the same time, I am writing a treatise entitled ‘Picasso’s Bull’.

It is about the intrinsic, formal and distinctive values of art, its cultural-historical functions and how, in the contemporary myth of the Avant Garde, all these values have been reversed.







Click here to open video:
Hands across the Pacific: https://www.artvrpro.com/exhibition/19110/detail?artvrpro_=ccbdg3a8bffg27dg94b3fcb49887c1b0&from=other