1986-’93         Coordinator of part-time courses at the Minerva Academy;
1980-’91         member and chairman of the Art-Commissions-committees of the State University of Groningen, Minerva Academy;
1986-96          advisor BBK/Association of Visual Artists (president Frits Linnemann).
1988-’92         member of the Council, ‘Fund for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.’

In the beginning of the eighties I felt the desire to return to the European tradition of ‘skimming light captured in oils.’
But in working on the series “Erotic Landscapes” the question arose again how to combine and integrate the traditional with the modern way of painting.

The modern artist is mainly involved with trying to convey the inherent beauty of form and color. This same appreciation is also the main characteristic of Asian art..
The tension between these two traditions continued to fascinate me in my work. In the series “Rockin’ Kimono’s” I continued to work on integrating the ‘classical illusion’ with autonomous applications.

Productions and publications: “Armadillo” pictural novel in 53 drawings; 12 gouaches for an ‘Astrological Birthday Calendar’ (unpublished); Home-style and posters fort he Ethnographic Museum ‘Gerardus van der Leeuw’ Groningen; Policy notes: The artist at Appelscha’; ‘Income of visual artists’; ‘The quality of policy’ (published by BBK/Artists Association, Netherlands).

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