1961-’63/’65-’68     student in free painting art, Minerva Academy, Groningen, Netherlands;
1964-’65                  supervisor in a boarding school for difficult to educate youngsters, Hollandsche Rading; 
1965                        teacher technical sketching ‘2nd Primary Technical School’,  Amsterdam;
1968-’70                  teacher drawing secondary school, Leeuwarden;
1966-’68                  spokesman of the rebellious youth movement New Left in Friesland.
Travels the whole decade as a hitchhiker through Western Europe, the Balkans and Turkey.

May 1968: I finished my studies with a paper entitled, “The Art in the 21st Century,” in which I concluded that modern art ought no longer defy or deny the ancient ‘classical’ tradition, but needs to search for a synthesis between the two traditions.
In my series “Revelations” I searched for this synthesis in combining traditional skills with contemporary insights.


Productions and publications: underground comic strip Spillebuik (publisher KreatieF); album with 30 drawings Revelation of Saint John  (the latter also for national tv; publisher Holmsterland).

Click here to open PDF: the   Revelation of Saint John  

Click here to open PDF: a chapter of  Spillebuik