2003                artist in Residence in Callosa d’en Sarria, Spain;
2003                co-organiser international exchange of exhibitions ‘Art in Churches’ Eems-Dollart region (Northern Netherlands-Northern Germany);
2003-’04         director foundation Van Royen-Lectures (Drenthe);
2004-’19         founder/director of the Classical Academy in Groningen, where he alternately teaches model drawing/anatomy, perspective theory, composition and painting;
2007-’09         initiator-organiser of the manifestations: 2007 ‘Classical on 10’; 2008 ‘The amazement of the North’; 2009 ‘Classical in Romanticism’;
2006-’08         member of the jury – in 2008 chairman – of the ‘Jeanne Burema -Oosting Prize’.

The Great Panorama of Callosa d’en Sarria

Saint George

In the twenty-first century, the search for synthesis deepened. In addition to the painterly, I was looking – more than ever – for merges in terms of art content. I found a connection with ‘Symbolism’ (the play with hidden meanings), a style direction that played a leading role around the turn of the last century.  For example in St Joris en de Draak (commissioned by Staal bankiers) and projects as ‘The Great Panorama of Callosa d’en Sarria’

The 5 senses

This was soon expanded with another favourite theme from the ‘Belle epoque’: the female nude – and the Orient also returns in it. In this way everything comes together, old and new, the second and third dimension, east and west and the classical values in a modern light.

Der Zauberflöte Zweiter Teil

Productions and publications: various articles and catalogues. Der Zauberflöte Zweiter Teil’ (on the occasion of the ‘Utrecht Early Music Festival’; published by Entre’act), and some portraits.

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