1992-’93        visiting Professor at the ‘Academy of Vitvarnich Umeni’ AVU in Prague. Czech Republic;
1997             artist in Residence, ‘Frans Masereelcentre for graphic arts’ in Kasterlee, Belgium;
1999-2003    originator-director of the Circuit Foundation (art in churches).

Architecture of the Freestate Rottum

In the beginning of the nineties I lived in Prague (Czechoslovakia) for a year where I was connected to the Academy of Fine Arts as an artist in residence and a teacher. In those years I was busy with architectural designs (the description of the Free State of Rottum) and in Prague I felt intrigued by the tension between the constructional and anti-constructional elements within the architecture built in the Baroque period.

The imaginary city of Prague:

Where in the early eighties I had fallen in love with Asian art I now added a new love, the Rococo. These feelings for Asian art and the Rococo allowed themselves to be integrated. It inspired me in my next oil series, “The Imaginary City of Prague.” Especially in my series, “Fencings” I felt I came closer to the integration and synthesis I have been working on between Asian or modern two-dimensional autonomy with the more traditional illusion of space.

Natural Histories

In addition, series of ‘Natural History’ were created with oilpaintings, gouaches and etchings.

Book of skeletons


And on travels, I painted plein air  landscapes.


Productions and publications: The description of the Free State of Rottum (3 books, unpublished). Policy notes ‘Structure and Adventure’; ‘Transaction policy’; ‘Atlas of the visual arts’ (some in cooperation with Frits Linnemann, published by BBK/ Association of Visual Artists, Amsterdam). Reports of ‘Art in Commission’ (published by Academy Minerva, Groningen).

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