1970-71          lives and works as an artist in Güzelyali-Canakkale, Turkey. Travels to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan;
1972-’76         secretary , from 1974 president of the Dutch ‘BBK/Association of Visual Artists’;
1975-‘78         member of the national ‘Council for the Arts’ The Hague (in addition to various regional administrative bodies);
1976               initiator ‘Centre for Visual Arts’ CBK in Groningen
1976-’78         coordinator of the ‘Creative Pedagogical Didactic Training’ Academy Minerva, Groningen;
1977-‘93         teacher figure drawing/anatomy at the Minerva Academy;
1978               founder of the foundation/housing corporation ‘WWK/Accomodations for Artists’ in Groningen.

In 1970-‘71 I lived in Turkey for a year and traveled through Teheran (Iran), Kabul (Afghanistan) en Lahore (Pakistan). My life in Turkey and my travels in Asia made a deep impression on me which in turn influenced me in my work.


My memories of Turkish bathhouses, Persian tiles, Afghan coffeehouses and Mogul gardens inspired me and I worked on integrating classical Asian styles and techniques in European techniques and thereby developing my own personal style in my series Manuscripts.” (25 gouaches)


Productions and publications: Catalogue “Manuscripts’ publisher, Municipal Cultural Centre ‘d’Oosterpoort’ Groningen. Various articles, short comic strips; many articles and policy documents, f.e.  ‘Art lending’ (the most influential).

Click here to open PDF: Manuscripts.”