1961-’63/’65-’68     studentfree painting art, Minerva Academy, Groningen, Netherlands;

1964-’65                        supervisor in a boarding school for difficult to educate youngsters, Hollandsche Rading; 

1965                                teacher technical sketching ‘2nd Primary Technical School’,  Amsterdam;

1968-’70                       teacher drawing secondary school, Leeuwarden;

1966-’68                       spokesman of the rebellious youth movement New Left in Friesland.

Travels the whole decade as a hitchhiker through Western Europe, the Balkans and Turkey.

May 1968: I finished my studies with a paper entitled, “The Art in the 21st Century,” in which I concluded that modern art ought no longer defy or deny the ancient ‘classical’ tradition, but needs to search for a synthesis between the two traditions.

In my series “Revelations” I searched for this synthesis in combining traditional skills with contemporary insights.

This theme of searching for an integration and synthesis of traditional and contemporary art would continue to inspire me throughout my career and would find expression in my work in many different ways and forms.

Productions and publications: underground comic strip Spillebuik (publisher KreatieF); album with 30 drawings Revelation of Saint John  (the latter also for national tv; publisher Holmsterland).

Click here to open PDF: the   Revelation of Saint John  

Click here to open video (Dutch KRO-tv): the   Revelation of Saint John  

Click here to open PDF: a chapter of  Spillebuik