Will be awarded the title of ‘Knight of the Order of Orange Nassau’ in 2013

2011                  initiator of the Classical Academy of Sculpture;

2012-’16         initiator-organiser of the manifestations: 2012 ‘The Renaissance in the North’; 2016 ‘The Classical Salon’;

2015 >              member of the group ‘Quasi-realists’;

2015                  panel member ‘The Representational Art Conference, trac 2015’ in Ventura, California, USA;

2017                  founder/treasurer of the De Klassieke Salon foundation www.klassieke-salon.nl  organiser of international events and exhibitions.

2018                  organiser of ‘The Representational Art Conference’, www.trac2018  and the exhibition ‘Classical Art’ in Leeuwarden, Cultural Capital of Europe;

2018                 founder/chairman of the foundation-with-members ‘International League of Fine Art Schools’, www.ilfas.org  and founder/secretary of the foundation-with-members ‘Classical Art Centre’ www.classicalartcentre.com  

2018                  member of the selectionpanel of the annual Dutch election: ‘Artist of the year’;

2018                  participant of the ‘5th Silk Road International Arts Festival’ in Xi’an, China. Appointed as ‘Visiting professor at the ‘Xi’an University for Architecture and Technology’;

2019                  organizer ‘Dutch Silk Road Art Exhibition’ in an exchange with Xi’an, China. Curator of the Dutch contribution to the ‘6th Silk Road International Arts Festival’ (11 Dutch artists, touring in several Chinese musea).

The 7 Deadly sins

Art is also the bearer of a theme. I went in search of classical themes, religious ones in the series ‘The 7 Deadly Sins’ and mythological ones in ‘The lusts of Zeus’.

Lusts of Zeus

And art can also connect nature with imagination


Landscapes also remained a subject.  Visits to China led to Chinese themes, depicted in the landscape. East and West continue to seek each other out.

Productions and publications: various articles, paper ‘Picasso’s bull’ notes – among others – on the occasion of China exchange: ‘Dutch Silk Road Art Exhibition’; ‘Memorandum China’; Memorandum Russia;  ‘3 bridges’ (publisher Klassieke Salon)

Click here to open PDF: The 7 Deadly sins                                                             Click here to open PDF: Memorandum China’18;

Click here to open PDF: Chinese Landscapes                                                       Click here to open PDF: Memorandum China’19 

Click here to open PDF:  Lusts of Zeus                                                                       Click here to open PDF: Memorandum Russia’19 

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